min. 10X LONGER service life than Nitriding, PVD, CVD, PTA, CPM 9V and CPM 10V etc.

China's only screw manufacturer using HVOF technology

HIP Barrels, Centrifugal Casting couldn't do so

HVOF Screws - Bonding Strength 293 Mpa

World's Only Barrel Manufacturer with 6 HIP Units

SGT cermet protected plasticizing units not just only

Extend Component Life but also

• Less Downtime

• More Productivity

• Consistent Quality

• Lower Cost per Ton

Product Portfolio

Gas Atomized Metal Powders

Our metal powders business is defined by our customer focus and partnerships, which have made us the most successful spray powder manufacturers in China. The SGT facilities in Beijing China exploit a number of manufacturing processes, including smelting, sintering, agglomerating, blending, cladding, gas and water atomization, and spheroidization.

HIP Blank & Finished Barrels

SGT series metal powders for barrels provide optimum protection against wear and corrosion in your production. The blanks are absolutely torsion-free because they are manufactured by HIP technology with integrated process control developed inhouse.

HVOF & HIP Feed Screws

Extremely high corrosion and wear resistant screws will not just extend the service life of your plant but will also improve the quality of your products. We can offer you all kinds of screws for injection molding.